Rhino Ratsnakes Hatching (Timelapse Video)


The time has arrived! Jade and Celadon’s clutch of eggs have hatched! They have had an interesting history already, having been laid in Texas and driven across the country to South Carolina. Since I didn’t have anything else in the incubator, I decided to incubate them at a constant 79 F. The first neonate pipped the egg after 68 days of incubation. It took the rest a couple days to come out, but they needed those days as they are still full of yolk and have big bellies. I weighed a few of them and there is a range between 7-13 grams. Thanks a big range! I am thankful for a 100% hatch and will begin feeding trials shortly.

I have always wanted to do a timelapse video of snakes hatching and usually I forget until the eggs have hatched before I think about it. I managed okay on this one and I like how it turned out. The music cracks me up. The intervalometer on my camera was set to take a photo every 2 minutes. The entire duration took about 48 hours and I had to recharge my camera battery each time it died. It gets foggy in the middle of the video, which was nighttime and the cooler air from the air-conditioner made the warmer air inside the aquarium where I had them fog up. I hope you enjoy the video!



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