Current Availability
December 2016

If you see something here that catches your eye, drop me an email at burwell.terry@gmail.com with the ID# of the specific animal or animals and I will get back to you. Thanks! -Terry

Stimsons Pythons
(Antaresia stimsoni orientalis)

              Pairing #15: Sheila ♀ x Quigley ♂                    Pairing#12: Elora Danan ♀ x Quigley ♂
Born 5-15-2016                      Born 5-14-2016

Maternal incubation was high on my herpetocultural “to-do” list which is what got me interested in these tiny pythons in the first place. Elora Danan successfully incubated her clutch which hatched in 45 days. For some reason stimsoni remain uncommon among US reptile keepers and I don’t get it! They are full of python personality in a manageable size and the prettiest of the Antaresia complex. I cannot keep them all so am offering them here for $325/pair and $150/males. Updated pictures coming soon. They are coloring up very nicely!

 Proven Adult Female Cave Dwelling Ratsnake

I am really excited to be expanding on some projects I have and have decided to offer Angel for sale. This female is over six feet long and 1,027 grams. She is a proven breeder twice over, laying eggs over the last two seasons. She is very handleable and has a pleasant temperament. How often do you see an ADULT ridleyi, let alone a LONE FEMALE and a PROVEN BREEDER as well?  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Laid 6/27/2015: 15 eggs
Laid 5/29/2016: 13 eggs

$1,200 shipped. I will entertain trades for Vision cages models 322, 222 & 433.


Rhino Ratsnakes


I am overflowing with rhino ratsnake babies at the moment! Most are taking pinky mice after being assist fed and more and more have begun to take them on their own each week. Start saving now! These will be ready to go in the spring. To be added to the waiting list send me a message at burwell.terry@gmail.com and I will notify you when they are ready.